10 Fun Things to Do with Friends from Home

Budget-Friendly Games & Activities for Quality Bonding Time

Who doesn’t love a fun night out with your closest friends?

With current events around the world though, it may not be totally smart to let things get out of hand. Now more than ever, we understand how much value there is to the dollar.

10 Fun Things to Do with Friends from Home

And as the market keeps becoming crazier and more complicated, we’ve had to think of handy ways to spend our money wisely. Otherwise, you could find yourself in debt for a load of stuff you don’t even really need. Worse, you might not make enough for the mortgage or your expenses!

These are all really necessary things to consider, of course.

But it’s also just as crucial to be sure you take care of your social and emotional health. That means being sure you get some time to yourself and with your loved ones, particularly your group of friends.

Because of that, we give you a list of 10 fun things to do with friends from home!

From movie marathons to online museum trips, flower gardening, and concert streaming, we’ll make sure you get all the quality bonding time you need. You won’t even need to get off your sofa!

# 1 Netflix Party – Binge Watch a New TV Show or Movie!

Who says you can only have movie nights with your close friends in one place? With this excellent Chrome extension, you can have a Netflix Party anytime, any day with your best friends!

It’s finally time to catch up on that TV series you’ve been meaning to watch.

Watched the final season of How to Get Away with Murder yet? Want to stream the newly released episode of Supergirl or Umbrella Academy with your buddies? Planning on binging the complete ten seasons of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. or all 60 episodes of Game of Thrones?

You can also buy a miniature movie projector to maximize the movie house experience in your living room. Here’s a DIY version if you don’t have the budget for it right now.

Not sure what to watch? Here’s a terrific list of classic films you can pick from!

# 2 Multiplayer Video Games

This is probably the most obvious one yet! But you’d be amazed how many people forget that this classic pastime is also a useful way to interact with your good friends.

Some fantastic games you can try out with your good friends are on this list below.

– Animal Crossing: New Horizons
– Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
– League of Legends
– Minecraft.
– Call of Duty.
– Skyrim.
– Fortnite.
– Grand Theft Auto.

Check which games you and your buddies have in common, plug in your PC and headsets, and play away!

# 3 Digital Trips to Museums, Parks, Arts, and Theater Spots!

We’re sure that at one point or another, you and your good friends have talked about going on to some of your city’s cultural spaces.

Whether it’s a theater show or a museum, you’ll finally be able to make good on your plans without having to leave the house! You can also use your mini projector to make the experience much more authentic.

Check these links below to see which national parks, opera houses, and other cultural places offer virtual tours:.
– Museums (including the Metropolitan Museum and the Museum of Natural History!).
– Metropolitan Opera.
– Sydney Opera House.
– Theater Shows (including classics like Jekyll & Hyde, King Lear, and Macbeth!).

Connect with your friends through Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Marco Polo, and enjoy!

# 4 Tour the World From Right at Home!

Roam around the world without ever needing to leave your couch!

You just need a laptop or desktop computer, a decent internet connection, and good friends to share the experience with. From France, Rome and London to Thailand, Japan, and South Korea, you can tour the world from right at home!

Browse through this list of places you can go to and do tourist-y things in from Travel and Leisure!

# 5 PowerPoint Party.

This has been a going trend lately especially with friend groups who have not seen each other in a while. And of course, they want to do it in a fun way.

So people online have developed a fantastic way to catch up with your best friends– PowerPoint Party!

Alternatively – you can do a 3-minute PPT presentation about any topic you like!

# 6 Virtual Night Out.

You won’t ever need to go out to go drinking anymore! You can get an entire night of it by playing several drinking games like Never Have I Ever.

You could even stream a concert to see with your buddies. You’ll finally be able to see that artist’s or band’s concert you’ve been meaning to go to, right in the comfort of your home!

You can also enjoy a lovely dinner by eating and conversing like you would if you were eating out in a restaurant.

Whether you’re just having a classic grilled cheese or a full-on happy hour, it will feel awesome to share a meal with your buddies again.

# 7 Digital Karaoke Night.

If you aren’t keen on dancing but enjoy the music anyway, then it’s probably time for a karaoke night!

Use YouTube channels like Sing Karaoke and Sing2Piano for great backing tracks to your favorite songs.

Just share your screen and mute everybody else’s mic and take the stage with your singing prowess!

# 8 Online Game Nights.

If none of you are professional gamers but love to have some friendly competition once in a while, you’re probably fond of game nights!

Here’s a handy spreadsheet of stay at home games you can play with your friends over the internet!

You can even enjoy some classic parlor and card games while on a video call with your good friends. These include classics like charades, Bring Me, Name That Tune, and more. You can even make your own custom card game to suit your style!

Some awesome multiplayer games that have an online version are the following:.

– Dungeons & Dragons.
– Monopoly.
– Words With Friends (virtual Scrabble).
– Cards Against Humanity.
– Battleship.
– Skribbl (virtual Pictionary).
– UNO.
– Exploding Kittens.

# 9 Streaming Party.

Swap your beloved playlists and albums with your best friends and get to know each other’s music tastes! It’s an excellent way to know each other more, and a fun way to expand your music library too.
Listened to the hottest pop album yet? Heard your favorite band’s brand-new single yet? Now’s the time to do it!

# 10 Get Creative with Your Daily Check-Ins.

Share something that made you giggle. Share anything that happened with your roomie (bad or good). Share anything new you did today.

Alternatively – you can start planning that great reunion party you’ve been planning for months now!

You don’t need to put a pin on the date right now. But it’s a great time to throw ideas around on where to go and what to do.

BONUS: Just Hang Out!
If you can’t think of anything to do, don’t stress! Nothing trumps a chill day with your buddies just lazing around and catching up with each other?

You don’t always have to make sure your buddies are entertained. Trust us, just being able to relax and spend quality time together is all the fun you guys need.

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